Shell Helix Ultra  001

Times are tough. With the economic uncertainty, the last thing you want weighing on your mind is the well-being of the car that you rely upon on a daily basis. The engine is the heart of your car, therefore it makes perfect sense to protect it as best you can. Shell Helix not only protects your engine from the inside, it goes one further than most by offering the Shell Helix Engine Warranty (SHEW).

This warranty programme is available free of charge, with every purchase of a 4L pack of Shell Helix Ultra fully synthetic oil or Shell Helix HX7 semi-synthetic oil. SHEW has been launched is the USA, India, Korea, and Australia, and it is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

It is available to cars registered to operate in Malaysia with less than 100,000 km in total mileage and which are less than eight years old. It covers 15 major engine components for failure if Shell Helix lubricants fail to provide proper lubrication.


SHEW covers any lubricant-related failure of those components from the date of warranty enrolment until 12 years or 200,000 km from the year of the vehicle’s manufacture, and payment of valid claims will be up to RM15,000 for Helix Ultra users, or up to RM8,000 for Helix HX7 users.

Enrolment can be done at participating Shell Helix workshops, Lubebays and Shell petrol stations nationwide. Sounds great? That’s not all, SHEW is transferable should you move on to another car, and it could be a selling point towards retaining a higher resale value for your vehicle.


Here’s all you need to do: renew your SHEW programme or sign up for it between November 1, 2016 and January 31, 2017 if you haven’t already done so, and you’ll be given a pair of movie tickets! To recap, all you need to do to qualify is to purchase a 4L pack of Shell Helix Ultra or Shell Helix HX7 engine oil, and the SHEW programme is yours, free of charge.

So go on, head on down to your nearest Shell station or participating workshop, and give your vehicle the engine protection it deserves. Learn more about the Shell Helix Engine Warranty, and click here for more details on this offer.