It’s that wonderful time of year again, the school holiday period has begun! For some, driving to work is now a slightly more pleasant experience, while for others, it’s time to prepare for that road trip to their preferred holiday destination or hometown.

Regardless of which group you fall into, ensuring your car is properly maintained remains especially important, more so if you’re heading out on a long journey. You certainly don’t want to end up being that “stalled car” that’s causing a traffic jam reported on the radio, right?

However, finding the right workshop that can offer you quality services at reasonable prices can prove to be quite a challenge. Not anymore, as Carama workshops offer the best of both worlds. With over 500 trusted workshops nationwide, all you need to is find one closest to you, place a booking, and your ride will be well taken care of.

Better yet, you can sign up for a free Carama membership now and get a RM40 voucher for your next car service. Monetary benefits aside, as a Carama member, you’ll also enjoy three-month/5,000 km service warranty, complimentary drop off service at your workshop of choice (by Grab) and fair price assurance. Head on over to Carama to find a trustworthy workshop in your area and book an appointment online.

With your car well taken care of at a Carama workshop, you should also plan for the other aspects of your journey. Ensuring you have proper refreshments to stay hydrated, setting up the GPS navigation and being well rested beforehand, are essential items to ensure a pleasant journey.

Most importantly though, drive safe and keep to the speed limit. As the sayings goes, “lambat asalkan selamat” and “jangan laju bro, kampung tak lari ke mana-mana. Safe travels this holiday season, everyone!