So it’s time to renew your car insurance – what do you do? Do you shop around to find the best coverage and services, or do you simply renew whatever car insurance you already have? More often than not, regular motorists will choose the latter for its convenience.

After all, switching to other insurers usually involves a lot of hassle, least of which is having to prepare a list of information and documents that aren’t usually known to you – things like the recommended sum insured, details of your existing car insurance, current NCD level, vehicle chassis number and such. No one is going to have all these information right off the top of their head.

But what if there’s a hassle-free way around this?

With AIG Car Insurance Online, switching from other insurers to AIG can’t get any simpler. All you need to do is key in your car number plate, your own IC number and the place of use (West Malaysia or Sabah/Sarawak).

Do that, and voila, all the complicated bits of information mentioned above will be filled in automatically for you within seconds. Now, you’re ready to renew or switch to AIG Car Insurance. It’s literally as easy as 1-2-3! With AIG Car Insurance Online, you get plenty of benefits, including Road Tax Renewal plus Free Delivery, 24/7 Free Road Assistance and of course, its famed Award Winning Claims Service.

Don’t plan to renew online? You may reach out to an AIG Agent for a consultation on all your insurance needs – they will no doubt provide an equally hassle-free service in a jiffy too!

This is another way AIG commits to the #AIGJagaYou campaign in being there for customers.

Renewing your existing car insurance with the same insurer allows you to skip some effort, but at what cost? For starters, you run the risk of being charged more than you perhaps should, and/or get an inferior coverage for the same money.

So remember, the next time your car insurance is up for renewal, think of AIG Car Insurance Online. You get all the benefits, but none of the hassle. Sometimes, the easy way really is the best way.

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