If you missed out on the ‘G’ number plate series, which is largely associated with the word ‘gold’, maybe a double dose of aurum is more to your liking. Carplates is offering you the chance to own the special ‘G_G’ plate series, which will only run from ‘G 1 G’ to ‘G 999 G’, making them rather exclusive.

Issued by Yayasan Solo under the approval of the Road Transport Department (JPJ), carplates.my (Carplates Sdn Bhd) is the exclusive agent for the ‘G_G’ plate series. The tender for the plate series has already started and will close on September 14, with the results being announced later on September 21.

For the G_G plate series, carplates.my invited Malaysian top model Amber Chia to be its official brand model for some added glitz and glamour. The company had previously engaged in the sale of the ‘GG’, ‘XX’, ‘YY’, ‘GT’, ‘U’ and ‘GTR’ plate series, and ensures a safe and secure buying process, with headquarters in Johor Bahru (1A, Jalan Molek 2/1, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor) and a branch in Kuala Lumpur (E-03-03A, Pusat Komersial Starparc Point, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, Setapak 53300 Kuala Lumpur).

There is certainly no shortage of possibilities with the ‘G_G’ plate, although some numbers will attract a higher starting tender price. For instance, the coveted ‘G 1 G’ starts from RM50,000, while double-digit plates like ‘G 11 G’ and ‘G 88 G’ will require tenders of between RM10,000 to RM30,000.

As the plate series ends at ‘G 999 G’, plates with three digits vary in pricing, from RM1,000 for ‘G 315 G’, RM5,000 for ‘G 368 G’, to RM15,000 for ‘G 111 G’. There are currently more than 2,000 people bidding for the ‘G_G’ plate series, so you will want you to place in your tender quick to secure your dream number(s).

Proceeds from the sales of the plate series will also be used for the operating expenses and charity activities of Yayasan Solo. To see all the available listings in the ‘G_G’ plate series, head on over to carplates.my (Carplates Sdn Bhd’s official website). Alternatively, you can contact the following phone numbers: