The festive season is commonly also a homecoming for many – it is perhaps also time for a new family member, in the garage, that is. Have you been eyeing up something from the current Triumph range of motorcycles? Now’s as good a time as any to make the leap, with the Setahun Sekali Salam Aidil Fitri sale from June 15 until July 15.

First up, the 2018 Street Triple 765 range. The base Street Triple 765 S and 765 R LRH (low ride height, 780 mm seat) are now offered with a RM4,000 rebate; buyers can choose between a free Intellishift quickshifter worth RM3,460, or RM2,000 in store credit. The top 765 RS variant is being offered with a RM4,000 rebate, with either an Arrow slip-on exhaust or RM4,000 in store credit included.

Those seeking adventure should check out the Triumph Tiger 800 range. For the pavement pounders, the 2018 model-year Tiger 800 XR is offered as either of two packages. The first, XR Package 1 is valid until June 30, and brings a cash rebate of RM2,000 plus RM1,000 in store credit.

This comes with a free Triumph Expedition top case in silver with mounting plate, and buyers get to choose between either an Arrow slip-on exhaust, or topping up RM650 for panniers and its mounting kit – do note that the panniers option replaces the RM1,000 store credit for the Tiger. The second, XR Package 2, offers a cash rebate of RM5,000, also with a choice of either panniers and mounting kit, or RM4,000 in store credit.

The more rugged 2018 Tiger 800 XCX is also offered in two packages; XCX Package 1 (valid until June 30) comes with a cash rebate of RM2,000 with RM1,000 in store credit.

Goodies here include a free Triumph Expedition top case in silver with mounting plate, and a choice of either an Arrow slip-on exhaust or, in place of store credit, top up RM650 for a set of panniers with mounting kit. Next up is XCX Package 2 which offers a cash rebate of RM6,000. This comes with either a set of panniers and mounting kit, or RM5,000 in store credit.

If a shorter reach is required, the 2018 Tiger XRX LRH (low ride height, 760 – 780 mm seat) could be the ticket. A cash rebate of RM5,000 is offered here, and with that is a choice of either panniers and mounting kit or alternatively, RM4,000 in store credit.

Next, the Modern Classic range; the 2017 Bonneville Bobber is offered with a RM10,000 cash rebate and RM1,000 in store credit. For hire purchase arrangements, a minimum downpayment of RM3,000 is applicable. For a slightly newer example, the 2018 Bonneville Bobber is available with a cash rebate of RM5,000, along with RM2,000 in store credit.

These are joined by the Bonneville T100 and T100 Black, both offered with a RM4,000 cash rebate and RM2,000 in store credit. For more grunt, the Bonneville T120 and T120 Black wear that same classic style but with a 1,200 cc parallel twin for easy-going muscle. These, along with the cafe racer Thruxton R, are offered with a RM5,000 cash rebate and RM3,000 in store credit.

Further along, all other 2019 model-year Triumphs are offered with a free first service or RM500 in store credit. Best of all, as long as the in-house insurance package is taken up, customers who buy from the range listed in this promotion will get a free, one-year nationwide motorcycle rescue service.

Additionally, no booking deposit is required, and gift accessories can be converted to further cash rebates should the customer choose to do so. In fact, what’s available now gets very close to the prices of the zero-rated GST period consumers enjoyed briefly last year. For more details, visit Fast Bikes in Petaling Jaya, or click here to find out more.