For owners of parallel-imported premium vehicles, maintenance and upkeep is key to a consistent quality of the ownership experience. Buyers purchase outside the official distributor network for a variety of reasons, but if you still want the assurance of official service coverage, where would you go?

Enter the Audi Conformity Check, which is a routine that comprises over 300 points checked by qualified technicians to ensure that your Audi is safe to drive. Once your Audi is certified, you will receive an Audi Conformity Certificate, a certified member card and a vehicle decal.

Benefits that you’ll gain from partaking in the Audi Conformity Check includes registration of your vehicle’s location into the Audi database, which will enable the completion of and service or recall campaigns, preventive maintenance and software updates towards keeping your Audi up to date and in the best possible running condition.

Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy the same prices on service and repairs as any Audi sold from an authorised dealer in Malaysia. This will also bring improved resale value, access to Audi’s certified experts, first-hand information on special offers and events, and most importantly, peace of mind in the ownership of your Audi.

To sweeten the deal, there are gifts to be redeemed*; the first 10 customers who certify their parallel-imported Audis under the Audi Conformity Check will receive a complimentary one-night stay at the Ritz-Carlton, while all other customers will get to redeem Audi merchandise comprised of either a foldable luggage box or an Audi Sport number plate.

Keen to do more for your parallel-imported Audi? Register your interest for the Audi Conformity Check, here and enjoy RM100 off the Audi Conformity Check valued at RM988 when you test drive a new Audi; be in quick, and you’ll score yourself that luxurious hotel stay to go with your newly certified, parallel-imported Audi.

*Terms and conditions apply.