Vax ONEPWR SpotlessGo portable washer – cleans spills and stains in your car, without the cord

For most, a car is likely to be among the most frequented places on a daily basis, and so it will be subjected to the rigours of use; this means that the car is also exposed to the likelihood of dirt and other kinds of spillage.

Given how much time is spent in our vehicles, cleanliness is therefore crucial to health, therefore regular and effective cleaning is the order of the day. Here, the VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo is a cordless, portable washer that enables the effective cleaning of spills and stains inside a vehicle, removing 99.9% of germs and bacteria*.

The VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo portable washer has a run time of up to 15 minutes on a full charge of its 2 Ah ONEPWR lithium-ion battery, and this offers fade-free power which means that it will offer constantly powerful performance for the SpotlessGo, even when battery charge is running low.

The ONEPWR SpotlessGo works great in a household with pets and children, for situations where fur, dirt, food crumbs and spilt drinks are likely to be frequent occurrences in the vehicle. Weighing just 3.2 kg including battery (with empty tanks), the ONEPWR SpotlessGo is compact and lightweight, making it well suited to car-cleaning applications where tight spaces and awkward corners may be frequently encountered.

Once battery charge has been fully used up, its fast-charge capability enables it to be ready to go again in 90 minutes. The VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo contains a 0.16 litre clean water tank and a 0.28 litre dirty water tank.

Included with the ONEPWR SpotlessGo is a the multi-purpose tool that can be used for scrubbing and removing stains from carpets, while the pet attachment tool helps to remove animal hair from upholstery and other areas of a car interior.

VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo portable washer

Also included is a squeegee tool for hard surfaces, such as windows, as well as in the house for shower screens, hard floors, and more. The ONEPWR SpotlessGo comes with a ONEPWR charger, one ONEPWR 2.0 Ah battery and a 250 ml bottle of ONEPWR multi-floor cleaning solution.

If something more specific to household hard floor cleaning is in order, VAX also has the ONEPWR Glide, an all-in-one multi surface hard floor cleaner that removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria*.

Like the ONEPWR SpotlessGo in-car cleaner, the ONEPWR Glide is cordless for optimum mobility, and operates on a ONEPWR fade-free lithium-ion battery to ensure constant, powerful performance even when battery charge is running low, offering 30 minutes of run time.

VAX ONEPWR Glide hard floor cleaner

The ONEPWR Glide features TwinTank technology for separate clean and dirty water tanks to ensure that it does not push used, dirty water around the floors, while a DirtTrack LED light helps to illuminate the area for better visibility. An advanced multi-surface brush roll washes the floor surface by scrubbing to loosen dirt and debris, while an auto clean system offering mess-free rinsing.

A convenient, finger touch control offers easy switching between modes, and is lightweight and easy to use. Included in the box is a 4 Ah ONEPWR battery, a ONEPWR charger, an advanced multi-surface brush roll and a cleaning and storage tray, plus a 250 ml bottle of ONEPWR cleaning solution. Both the VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo car portable washer and the ONEPWR Glide come with a three-year guarantee.

For effective cleaning of a variety of floor surfaces including carpets, the VAX ONEPWR Blade 4 has been tested to clean carpets more effectively than the top three best-selling vacuum cleaners in the United Kingdom, according to IEC 62885-4:2020 part 5.3 method.

This is powered by the ONEPWR 4.0 Ah battery and the VAX Core brushless motor, featuring a specially designed carpet floorhead. The ONEPWR Blade comes with a range of supporting cleaning tools to ensure you’ll get the best effect in whole-house cleaning. Supporting the range is the VAX ONEPWR Blade 3, which is a more attainable version of the Blade 4.

VAX ONEPWR Blade 3 and Blade 4 (right)

The VAX brand was founded by British entrepreneur Alan Brazier in 1977 England, where he realised he needed to improve upon existing carpet cleaning equipment after winning a contract to clean a service station.

Brazier’s first prototype was made from a water heater, a shower pump and a milk churn, which evolved into a three-in-one machine that could wash, suck up spills and vacuum carpets. In 1999, VAX become part of the TTI group, a global market and innovation leader in power tools, floorcare, laser and electronic products.

Here in Malaysia, VAX products are available at retailers Harvey Norman and TBM, where customers can visit and request a demonstration to witness the capabilities of VAX products in person.

Watch the live demo and test out the products at Harvey Norman. Additionally, you can get VAX products at promotional prices during the sales period – get the VAX SpotlessGo for RM899 (RCP: RM1,899) or the VAX Blade 3 for just RM999 (RCP: RM1,599).

Purchase the VAX products of your choice from the online store, here, and visit the VAX Facebook page as well as VAX Instagram profile to find out more.

*when used with the ONEPWR cleaning solution.