Mercedes-Benz Elevate to Electric Plan offers stress-free EV ownership and a five-star customer experience

Innovation and luxury have always been synonymous with Mercedes-Benz, and that continues on strongly with the move into electrification, which offers the same level of driving pleasure and comfort associated with the brand’s internal combustion engine (ICE) equivalents. Whether it’s the EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE or EQS, you can look forward to not just exceptional performance but the same five-star customer experience and level of care offered by the distinguished marque.

With its cutting-edge technologies, green is well and truly in, but the brand is adding a host of things to further sweeten the deal for those wanting to take the plunge into electric mobility via the automaker’s range of vehicle offerings, with its Elevate to Electric Plan covering all the bases you can think of.

For a limited time, buyers will be able to take advantage of a wide range of full-fledged benefits offered under the Elevate to Electric Plan, covering aspects of financing, servicing and even charging credits.

For starters, you’ll be able to begin your journey into electrification with up to 12 free monthly repayments, this means, the first year of your vehicle’s monthly repayments are covered by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia. This allows you the freedom to focus your finances elsewhere during the period. Also, when you sign-up with Agility+, you’ll also be ensured of the Guaranteed Future Value of your car.

Mercedes-Benz Elevate to Electric Plan offers stress-free EV ownership and a five-star customer experience

That’s not all. Under the plan, you’ll also enjoy a seamless charging experience, courtesy of a complimentary AC wallbox for home charging and exclusive charging credits for those moments when it’s necessary to use a public charging network to juice up your EV’s battery.

Here, you’ll be able to access a growing number of public charging stations nationwide with JomCharge,
ChargeEV, etc, simplifying your charging experience and removing any fears of charging on the go.

The plan also offers peace-of-mind by ensuring your car is covered from a maintenance standpoint, via complimentary service packages and a battery warranty of up to 10 years. There is also comprehensive motor insurance support.

That’s for the EQ range on the whole. Should you be looking at the pinnacle of electrified performance, then there’s no better route than the brand’s flagship EV, the EQS 500, which brings the manufacturer’s mastery of carmaking into the electric vehicle era. The brand’s first CKD all-electric luxury sedan delivers exceptional performance, including a stunning all-electric range of up 696 km (WLTP) on a single charge.

Aside from four complimentary service packages, an Elevate with Agility+ package adds on up to RM6,388 in insurance support, charging credits worth RM2,400 as well as 12 monthly zero payments.

Additionally, going with an Agility+ plan nets you two years of coverage under MobilityPlus, which provides you with a replacement Mercedes-Benz vehicle whenever your EQ EV is undergoing routine servicing or warranty claims. With Agility+, you’ll get a Mercedes-Benz replacement vehicle immediately, so there won’t be any down-time.

There’s also ICE on Demand, which is a special Mercedes-Benz internal combustion-powered vehicle-on-demand programme for EQS customers on the Agility+ programme, offering up to 10 days use of an ICE Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

If it sounds like a great deal, it is, whether it’s all the pluses provided via the Elevate to Electric Plan or the exceptional deal with the EQS. To find out more about the plans and their benefits, enquire with Mercedes-Benz Financial here.