Keep your engine’s vital parts clean and Drive Further, only with the scientifically proven Caltex with Techron

Getting the most mileage out of every full tank is what every motorist wants, but it is not just the way that you drive that needs to be considered. There is also the matter of your car’s engine health which can affect how far you can go, and ensuring it runs at its best is equally as important.

In addition to proper maintenance, the type of fuel you use plays a part when it comes to going the distance. With Caltex with Techron®, you’ll be able to Drive Further every time you fuel up at a Caltex station.

Caltex with Techron® is scientifically proven to clean your engine and is specially formulated with Clean & Glide Technology™ to protect metal surfaces and reduce wear. Additionally, the unique additive package contains an active cleaning ingredient that is designed to remove dirt and prevent deposits from forming on critical parts of your car’s fuel system.

With this, every fuel up with Caltex with Techron® ensures your engine remains protected while optimising its performance potential as well as offering better fuel economy and lower emissions*. Regardless of whether you go with the cost-effective RON 95 or the performance of RON 97, you’ll get all the benefits that Clean & Glide Technology™ has to offer.

With extensive lab testing and proven results, Caltex with Techron® is the fuel to use to keep your engine’s vital parts clean and performing at their best. Find out more here and try it to feel the difference for yourself.

*Hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides