Road rage at USJ 1, behind Summit USJ

Every action film needs a suitable soundtrack! Look carefully, driver of silver car brought out sickle.

Posted by Ryan Foong on Sunday, June 28, 2015

This video of an apparent road rage incident in Malaysia has gone viral over the last few hours. Taken off a dash cam from the vehicle directly behind the scene, the clip shows the violent drama from start to finish.

While it is unclear what exactly had prompted the exchange, the driver of the Nissan Sentra is seen gesticulating frantically at the old Ford Laser. Shortly after, both cars came to a stop and a bust up ensued.

The Sentra driver then continued to physically abuse the older man, with what appears to be a small blade/sickle. The confrontation went on for a while, until a passer-by came by to subdue the perpetrator.

Now folks, as we’ve said before, the best defence against road bullies is to keep your cool and avoid any confrontations with them.

Before things get out of hand (as it clearly did in this case) it’s best to be on the defensive and not get out of your car in the first place. It may help to you wind down the window a little (but not enough for the person to reach in) and offer a sincere apology, putting your ego aside for a while.

If the person continues to harass you, wind the window back up and begin to call the police. Tell the bully you are doing so. Hopefully this will cause the person to back off. Of course, take note of the bully’s number plate and make a police report to make sure everything is recorded.

Remember – the key is just not to react to bad driving on the road. We are not traffic police. Think of your loved ones and always make the safest choices. It’s just not worth it.