Paul Tan’s Automotive News is Malaysia’s top automotive information and news source and covers topics regarding the automotive industry, focusing particularly on Malaysia and the ASEAN region.

We are currently the number one resource for anything car and motoring related in Malaysia and we are also in the top 100 list of all websites visited by Malaysian internet users according to various ranking sources such as Comscore, Alexa and Effective Measure.

Paul Tan’s Automotive News is a Driven Communications Sdn Bhd publication.

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Our Traffic and Readership Data

Here are some traffic and readership statistics for our site, according to Google Analytics, which directly measures traffic via a script that we insert in all of our pages. We also have Comscore, Quantcast, SiteMeter and Effective Measure numbers for your reference upon request – all are directly measured by a third party as we believe in transparency and merit.

We are in the top 100 list of all websites visited by Malaysians:

Alexa Traffic Rank in Malaysia: 80 (3rd January 2011)
ComScore Rank in Malaysia: 97 (December 2010 Rankings)

Monthly Absolute Unique Visitors

Here are our monthly absolute unique visitors statistics for all global visitors for the year 2010. This statistic can be likened to a print magazine’s monthly circulation – one absolute unique visitor represents one person that has visited the site at least once in a month. If a visitor comes back once daily, that would count as 30 visits a month, but as only one unique visitor a month.

PAULTAN.ORG - Monthly Absolute Unique Visitors

Monthly Pageviews

Every time a page is viewed on Paul Tan’s Automotive News, it registers as a pageview. Here are our monthly pageview counts for the whole of 2010, according to Google Analytics.

PAULTAN.ORG - Monthly Absolute Pageviews

Competitor Comparisons

Google Ad Planner (data as of 3rd January 2011)

Alexa (data as of 3rd January 2011)

ComScore (Malaysian visitor data as of December 2010)