Ever wondered what’s the big deal with Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty is a cute white kitten who loves making friends. She weighs the same as three apples, was born in suburban London on November 1, 1974, and is a very energetic little girl who likes playing in the park or in the forest. Hello Kitty also likes playing the piano and baking cakes.

Now why am I talking about Hello Kitty here? Hello Kitty is one of the only characters that have made an impact even in the automotive industry, where Daihatsu Motors Japan have actually released a series of Hello Kitty cars which hardcore Hello Kitty fans have snapped up.

The car had Hello Kitty hubcaps, Hello Kitty steering wheel, Hello Kitty logos all over the paintwork as well as Hello Kitty themed interior fabrics. 200 cars were sold every month. The car comes in both 2WD and 4WD models.

Check out the Hello Kitty themed meter panel.

Even the grille has a Hello Kitty logo on it instead of a Daihatsu logo.

Even the key is shaped like a Hello Kitty head! LOL!

Even Ferraris were not spared from the Hello Kitty wrath! Check out the cool number plate of this Ferrari Testarossa 512TR. Even the prancing horse logo at the front grille has been replaced with a metal Hello Kitty logo. However I’ve heard this was just a Photoshop job. Sure looks real.

The Hello Kitty craze is in Malaysia too. This Hello Kitty-themed Perodua Kancil which is based on the Daihatsu Mira is themed Hello Kitty from outside to inside. The owner Mohd Azhari said that the modifications cost thousands of ringgit. It included pillows, seat covers, mirrors, shades. It might look gay but he says it gets him alot of attention from females… heheh!