Panasonic Toyota TF109

The second car manufacturer to reveal their 2009 Formula One car is Toyota, and here is their new TF109. Like the Ferrari F60 that was revealed a few days ago, the TF109 features a huge front wing and a small and tall rear wing. It measures 4,636mm long, 950mm tall, 1,800mm wide and it weighs 605kg including driver and camera.

The racer’s 2.4 litre (2,398cc) V8 engine uses Esso lubes and fuel, and puts out approximately 740 horsepower and revs all the way up to 18,000rpm, as required by FIA rules. Apparently the KERS system will not be available at the start of the season.

The TF109 has a huge task ahead of it, as the team hopes for the car to give it it’s first ever win, something that the previous car (and drivers) unfortunately have not yet managed to do. The TF109 will be piloted by Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock, Kamui Kobayashi as the reserve driver.

While Honda has decided to opt out of F1 entirely for now, even though Toyota is going on with its participation, it is cutting down on costs here and there. For example, there was no launch ceremony for this new car, instead it was revealed on the internet in a virtual launch. Check out a photo gallery of the new car after the jump, as well as a video of the Toyota TF109 F1 car’s premiere.

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Video: Panasonic Toyota TF109