The latest addition to the hot rumor pot is the possibility of Stuttgart-based auto maker Mercedes Benz pulling out of Formula 1 as the recent “lie-gate” scandal involving the McLaren Formula 1 team intensifies. Apparently, Daimler AG’s CEO, Dieter Zetsche has revealed to a German-based publication that, “If circumstances should change, perhaps because of an unreasonable punishment by the FIA, it is possible that we could consider our engagement,”.

In a couple of days, the World Motor Sport Council will meet and a decision will be issued out regarding the scandal that involves the McLaren outfit not being truthful regarding the yellow flag incident at the 2009 season opener in Melbourne, Australia.

The Woking-based outfit is expected to face severe penalties, and it does make sense for Mercedes to think about pulling out if it feels that the FIA’s decision is unreasonable. The premium brand is not only supplying its V8 powerplants to McLaren, but to two other teams as well, including the slower Force India and Brawn GP.