Watch Driven Season 1 Episode 8’s 30 second promo

Driven’s eight episode will hit the airwaves this Sunday at 10.30pm on 8TV and the team will put the Volvo XC60 to the test and find out if its safety features are anything to shout about. We will also showcase budding young racing talents that may soon become Malaysia’s upcoming Formula 1 driver and the grass root motorsport scene!

On the other end of the motorsport spectrum we talk about Malaysia’s involvement in Formula 1 with Lotus Racing – a team that carries British racing heritage and a Malaysian identity at the same time. Next on the sumptuous menu would be the exclusive review of the all new BMW 5-Series (F10) as Harvinder takes you to Lisbon, Portugal to find out if the new 5 betters the previous E60 model or not.

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