Not that it matters an iota to Ford Fiesta fans and owners, but here’s more proof that the car is – besides being fun to drive – one safe bag of tricks. The car has obtained a maximum five-star safety rating from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), which recently released its C-NCAP (China New Car Assessment Program) ratings.

The Fiesta 1.5 litre MT scored 12.32, 15.38 and 14.77 in the frontal 100% overlap rigid barrier, side impact and 40% offset impact respectively in the CNCAP crash test, and received an additional three points for having other safety features such as six airbags, in this case driver and co-driver seat airbags, new side-chest airbags and inflatable air curtains for front and rear seat occupants.

While this should make the car an even more convincing proposition for Chinese consumers, the car already doesn’t have a problem winning lots of new friends – introduced in China in 2009, over 75,000 new Fiestas were sold there last year, a 59% increase compared to the year before.