General Motors has officially opened a new diesel plant in Rayong, Thailand. The new plant which is worth $200 million and is the company’s first diesel factory in region will be the first in the world to produce the new line of Duramax 4-pot oil burners that will be first installed in the Colorado pickup.

These Duramax engines are made up by a 2.5 litre as well as a 2.8 litre variant featuring overhead cams, force-induction and aluminum cylinder heads. General Motors confirmed that the plant is able to churn out 120,000 engines per year and these engines will used for vehicles manufactured in the country and in other markets.

The 54,275 square meter plant will have up to 500 employees by the end of the year and houses various state-of-the-art computers and laser-guided equipments. It is also dust-free and features an in-house climate control system to ensure the best possible environment for engine production. Furthermore, the plant uses a lighting system that consumes 40% less energy compared to conventional systems.

General Motors also revealed that it is expected to source Thai-built components that is worth $94 million for the engine production by 2012. The opening of the new plant comes after the company announced plans to invest up to $150 million in the revival of its Bekasi manufacturing facility in Indonesia which will output a new line of people movers for other Southeast Asian markets.

Since the Chevrolet Colorado was brought up in this article, it is worth to point out that the pickup is expected to make its local debut sometime in December 2011 following a recent announcement by Naza Quest CEO Datuk Maruan Mohd Said.