Who doesn’t like a good deal? No hands, thought so! Here’s some good news for motorists in the market for engine oil. Mobil is running a promotion from now till end November where those who buy Mobil brand lubricants will take home freebies as well.

Buyers of Mobil Super 1000 X2 15W-40 or Mobil Super 1000 10W-30 lubricants will take home a Mobil Car Sunshade, while those who purchase Mobil Super 2000 X2 10W-40 will get a free Mobil Sport Bag. High end users of Mobil 1 (0W-40 or 5W-50) bring home a Mobil 1 Umbrella with every pack. These practical gifts are available at participating outlets while stocks last.

When it comes to auto lubes, the Mobil brand needs no introduction. Top of the heap and one of the most famous names in the market is Mobil 1, the range topper in Mobil’s lube family. Mobil 1 is not just the factory fill for many top performance cars, but is also race proven and the choice of NASCAR. Mobil says that this fully synthetic oil “has the performance reserve to protect when conventional engine oils may not.” Little reason to doubt that.

For those looking for a semi-syn lube, Mobil has its Super 2000 X2 which provides good wear protection, engine cleanliness and high temperature protection.

The Mobil Super 1000 products are a range of quality mineral motor oils suitable for use in both gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Ideally suited for less stressful driving conditions such as highway driving and lower consistent speed conditions, Mobil Super 1000 is also good value for older vehicles that are serviced regularly every 5,000 km, since they don’t require a high performance lube to run well.

For more information, head on to Mobil’s official website.