Porsche Boxster

Sources have suggested to Flat-6 News that Porsche is developing a turbocharged, all-aluminium 2.5 litre flat-four engine for use in the Boxster (pictured) and Cayman. Porsche has told Autocar UK that it is indeed working on a flat-four, that the engine is still in an early development phase and that it isn’t due before 2016.

Flat-6 News reports that the all-aluminium unit will likely be based on the Porsche Carrera S‘ 3.8 litre flat-six, but with two fewer cylinders. The engine will feature direct injection and VarioCam Plus, is expected to redline at 7,500 rpm and should be good for more than 350 hp and 487 Nm of twist – that’s 25 hp and 117 Nm more than the S variants’ 3.4 litre lump makes.

Porsche’s seven-speed PDK ‘box should benefit from reprogrammed algorithms to better exploit all that low-end torque, while a six-speed manual is still under consideration, according to the online publication. The new engine should make its debut in the third-gen Boxster facelift and second-gen Cayman, which will go on sale in 2016.