toyota agya

Toyota has finally launched its Agya compact car in Indonesia, almost a year after the five-door hatchback and its eco-car twin, the Daihatsu Ayla, premiered at the 2012 Indonesian International Motor Show. Similarly, Daihatsu announced the market debut of the Ayla.

Both cars were originally supposed to have begun selling in the country last December, following the completion of the new plant that would build them, but their market introduction was put on hold as the companies waited for the Indonesian government to announce support measures for its Low-Cost Green Cars (LCGC) programme.

Programme requirements for LCGC compliance include an engine capacity of below 1,200 cc and a minimum fuel consumption of 20-22 km per litre. Certified vehicles are eligible for reduced taxes, and the Agya and Ayla are the first vehicles to receive certification under the programme. Honda’s introduction of a 1.2 litre version of its Brio is likewise for LCGC certification purposes.

The Agya and Ayla are powered by a 997cc three-cylinder engine, coded the 1KR-FE for the Agya and D26F-1KR-DE for the Ayla. The aluminium-block unit, which weighs 69 kg, is good for 65 hp at 6,000 rpm and 87 Nm of twist at 3,600 rpm. Not copious by any means, the output, but the car is light, tipping the scales at 740 kg. Drivetrain choices are a five-speed manual and a four-speed auto.

The sales price for the Agya – the name of which is from the Sanskrit word meaning “fast” – will range from 99 million rupiah (RM29,008) to 120 million rupiah (RM35,163). Toyota is aiming for a monthly sales target of 5,000 units for the car in 2013.