To prevent your car from spinning out of control, or your engine from spinning noisily, the mechanic might introduce plenty of his own spin to “cure” the problem. It could be the unnecessary changing of parts, or imitation and recond parts passed off as new – unless you’re a hands-on owner and well-versed with parts and maintenance (which most of us aren’t), it’s difficult to see the clear picture.

Together with, Carama by Castrol conducted a survey to understand customer concerns in the area of car maintenance, the results of which will be used to improve the quality of service and repair in Malaysia, and ultimately uplift the standard of independent workshops in the country.


Based on the 1,615 submissions, the survey found that 77% of Malaysian drivers are dissatisfied with quality of repair, and 71% are unsure if the repaired problem will resurface. This points to lack of trust. There’s more – 87% want better quality service and 75% called for trustworthy mechanics.

When price cropped up, a whopping 92% of respondents were afraid of getting overcharged, with some calling for more transparency in parts pricing and service charges. No one wants to be taken for a ride, but it happens too often with car care, unfortunately.


How to find a workshop that is trustworthy and transparent, you ask. Here’s where Carama by Castrol comes in. Carama’s community–driven system of Carama Workshops allows you to select workshops based on what others say about the quality of service and repair.

A Carama Certified Shop goes a step beyond; these verified workshops have been accredited by a team of experts ensuring the highest standards of service, skills, transparency, customer service, health and safety compliance.


To walk the talk, all Carama workshops provide three months/5,000 km warranty for added peace of mind. Free drop off service and fair price assurance is also guaranteed when you make bookings online at The portal offers many other features that will assist you in your car maintenence journey, so do check it out and try the service.

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