Mercedes-Benz at the Auto China, Beijing 2014Mercedes-Benz auf der Auto China, Peking 2014

It looks like if you want to sell a compact executive sedan in China, you must have a long-wheelbase version. Joining the S60L, A4L and the 3 Series Li is the new W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class L, which has its wheelbase extended by 80 mm to 2,920 mm.

All of the extra space goes to the passengers in the rear, which Mercedes-Benz claims will now enjoy best in class rear legroom. The boss man in the rear can control the front passenger seat to increase legroom to his liking from the comfort of his own seat. The rear seats are also longer by 25mm for better thigh support, and the rear passenger area has privacy glass as well.


There are two different ‘faces’ for the C-Class L – the Sedan which has a traditional Mercedes-Benz grille and hood ornament, or the Sport Sedan, which has a sport grille with a large Mercedes-Benz logo as well as sporty AMG styling.

The cars you see here are badged C 260 L, which isn’t a variant that we’ve seen with the standard W205 C-Class so far. We don’t have technical details but Mercedes-Benz announced various engine options from 156 hp up to 367 hp.