American-based Japanese tyre manufacturer Falken will be looking to introduce a concept hybrid tyre that will, supposedly, meet the “demands for both extended range and dynamic handling” that is expected from owners of electric SUVs.

Falken claims that the concept tyre is inspired by production ones currently employed on motorcycles. For improved levels of grip during extreme cornering, the inner segment of the concept tyre features a curved surface – similar to that of a motorcycle tyre – that allows for a greater contact patch.

The outer portion, on the other hand, features a “low-rolling resistance slick surface” with strategically placed water dispersion grooves for wet weather performance. “Consumers want to have the best range with a hybrid but aren’t prepared to sacrifice an ‘involving’ driving experience with sporting dynamics,” said Matt Smith, director of Falken UK.

As of now, the tyre remains a concept with no plans (or date) to put it into series production. With that said, the company believes that such an approach will be the norm in time to come as tyre design progresses.