South Korean market Chevrolet Cruze facelift, Malaysia-bound

It’s getting a little confusing trying to keep track of the various Chevrolet Cruze that we’ve seen in the past year. Unlike Ford’s move to a single global model with the Focus, GM’s C-segment offering seems to be tailored to each market.

In April 2014, what appears to be a new Chevrolet Cruze made a world premiere in Beijing. It’s based on a new platform. But that Cruze’s introduction came just a few weeks after the US market Cruze, which is similiar in look to the one sold in Malaysia – got a facelift. The US market 2015 Cruze basically received a new front end but that was it. It retained the same rear end look.

Left: Chinese Cruze, Right: Upcoming US market Cruze

Then earlier this month we also featured undisguised spyshots of yet another Cruze that looks different from the one sold in China.

From what we understand, that blue car shares the new platform that underpins the Beijing 2015 new Cruze but gets its own exterior look for the US market.

South Korean market Chevrolet Cruze facelift, Malaysia-bound

So which one will Malaysia get? This one, apparently. The South Korean market received a Cruze facelift a few months ago. It has the same facelifted grille as the US market 2015 Cruze, but while that one kept the same tail lamps, the South Korean facelift gets updated Malibu-inspired tail lamps.

Three engines are available in South Korea – a 142 PS normally aspirated 1.8 litre, a 163 PS 2.0 litre turbodiesel, and a 1.4 litre turbo producing 140 PS and 200 Nm of torque from 3,000-4,500 rpm.