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In case you haven’t noticed, we have recently rolled out a major revamp of our auto classifieds site, Featuring a whole new look and feel, is now more intuitive to use, with a fresher and cleaner layout.

Mobile users now get a much improved interface, with access to the full advanced search functions – previously limited to the desktop site only. You can now get the complete experience on your mobile phone and tablet, anytime, anywhere.

Best of all, we’ve significantly improved the site functionality too, for both car buyers and seller alike.

Enhancements for Car Buyers

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 12.59.11 AM’s search engine is now far more powerful, for starters. For instance, instead of going through the search results to find cars in the exact colour or transmission of your preference, you can now just type in “purple Vellfire” or “CR-Z manual” into the search bar.

We’ve also added new search fields, such as warranty details to narrow down your results further. Our search engine now supports multiple criteria at the same time. For example you can search for both used and recond Vellfire at the same time. Other examples include coupe or hatchback (or both), KL only or include Selangor too – to refine the search according to your own personalised parameters.

We know full well that a car classifieds site is only as good as its listings. It’s with this in mind that we’ve ramped up our seller verification process – minimising annoying duplicates and spams – to only allow quality listings on the site.

We’ve also simplified the seller types to just two options, “direct owner” or “dealer,” so it’s made clear whom you’re buying from.

Enhancements for Car Sellers

Before anyone asks, listing on is still free for both direct owners and car dealers – as it always has been from the very start. Your listings will stay live until they are sold.

What’s new are various ways to make your ad listings more visible to potential car buyers. You can now purchase credits to “bump” your ads to the top of all related search results. We have an automatic “bumping” feature to move your listings up daily or weekly, for as long as you wish.

Just as important is our new mobile user control panel, which now has the same functionality as the desktop site. You can now create and upload listings through your phone. You no longer need to transfer your pictures into the computer – just shoot away with your phone and upload directly into!

If you need more reasons to start using, well, know that your listings will be displayed prominently to both and users. On top of the usual side bar on, we now have a more visible related cars section at the bottom of every story. That’s over 2,000,000 potential car buyers looking at your ad every month.

Visit now to check out all the new updates.