There’s a new car battery shop in town, called, well, The Battery Shop. This isn’t your typical neighbourhood garage, though, but a comprehensive online service provider that lays claim to reinventing the way stranded drivers get back on the road.

Users can order a replacement battery by calling 1800-1800-10, or for the more tech-inclined, logging on to www.thebatteryshop.my. Either way, you’ll get a brand new battery delivered and installed in under 60 minutes. And if you happen to be in KL or PJ, you’ll only be paying for the replacement battery – delivery and installation services are provided absolutely free or charge.

With The Battery Shop, you only pay for what you need. Unmatched transparency is promised – never get conned again!


You never know when exactly your car battery is going to let you down. If it so happens to be at a dark, potentially dangerous area, you can wait at a safer, brightly lit place and the assigned technician – whose name and contact number will be provided beforehand – will come and pick you up. Sure beats waiting by a stranded car alone.

After the job is done, The Battery Shop will store your battery warranty information in its database. A timely reminder will then be provided when the warranty is about to expire. As with most things, prevention is certainly better than cure when it comes to car batteries.

For more information on The Battery Shop’s services and products, log on to www.thebatteryshop.my or check out its official Facebook page. Sign up now with the promo code above and you’ll get RM20 off every purchase of a car battery too.