Are you a frequent user of GrabCar? Well, you’ll be enjoying the month of August indeed, as the app-based ride-sharing service is giving you 31% off all rides from now until August 31!

This means that during this special promotional period, the base fare is now RM1.40 instead of RM2.30, with additional charges of RM0.58 per km (compared to the regular rate of RM1.50 per km) and RM0.24 per minute (compared to RM0.50 per minute).

It’s the biggest price drop in GrabCar’s history since the service was launched in May 2014, and should make it the most affordable service of its kind, as you can see in the price comparison chart below.

price cut edm_NEW-01price cut edm-03

GrabCar is powered through the MyTeksi mobile app and complements the existing MyTeksi service by leveraging on unfulfilled peak demand. It charges fixed rates based on distance travelled and time taken – with no surge pricing even during peak hours – so you don’t get price shock; your estimated fare is presented to you upfront.

In case you were wondering, no, the lower rates will not alter GrabCar’s core philosophy – the service will continue to focus on its three key pillars of safety, speed and certainty to ensure customer satisfaction. And for those looking for something more luxurious, GrabCar has something up its sleeves – stay tuned!

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