With traffic volumes set to increase significantly on the North-South Highway in the coming week, PLUS has advised motorists to be wary of debris on the route, particularly between the Ipoh and Bidor exits.

According to news reports, the highway concessionaire is asking road users to pay extra caution while travelling on the stretch, given previous reports of objects such as tyre fragments and steel pipes having being found on the road. Two complaints were made by road users last week about the problem of debris causing damage to their cars – the motorists said their tyres were damaged after hitting unknown objects.

Last year, more than 1,570 objects were found along the 66km-long stretch of the highway, PLUS Section C1 manager Asnor Ali told reporters. “More than half of the objects were tyre fragments from heavy vehicles, and we also found large stones, steel pipes, wood fragments and household items like prayer mats on the highway,” he said.

He said that there was no indication that these items had been dumped deliberately, but added that highway users, particularly lorry drivers, should be more responsible in terms of safety. “They should check their tyres and also ensure their loads are fastened securely before they start their journey,” Asnor said.

He added that PLUS is stepping up it security on the highway by increasing the frequency of its patrols to ensure that the road was clear of objects and obstructions. Patrols are now being done every hour instead of every 1.5 hours, and two patrol teams would be deployed specifically at the stretch between Ipoh and Bidor.