During a press conference at the ongoing Proton Saga media test drive, we got a little update on the company’s sales performance for its recent model introductions.

Starting with the car we were invited to sample, the most affordable Proton (launched less than three weeks ago) has managed to notch up 6,000 bookings, with 1,000 units registered as of today, according to Rohime Shafie, CEO of Proton Edar.

As for the Saga’s larger sibling, the Persona, which was launched back in August has now managed to record over 15,000 bookings, with 4,500 units already in the hands of owners.


The national carmaker had revealed at the launch of both models that the monthly sales target for the Persona is 3,000 to 4,000 units per month, whereas for the newly-introduced Saga, it is 5,000 units per month. The latest figures provided here show that Proton is on track to hit its targets.

Shafie explained that the big difference between bookings and deliveries is due to the difference in the time it takes for car buyers to secure financing.

He noted that those looking to purchase a Saga were required to submit more documents, hence a longer time needed before their loans are approved. On the other hand, the Persona, which occupies a higher segment (B), required a shorter approval time due to its different customer base.