Regular vehicle maintenance is a topic that should be familiar among motorists, with lubricant change being the most common activity associated with it. However, the type of fuel you use is just, if not, as important to ensure an engine continues to operate at its full efficiency, as designed by the vehicle manufacturer.

With customers having access to a wider range of diesel vehicles with modern common rail, direct injection engines, BHPetrol understands the need to offer higher quality fuel to ensure peak engine performance and efficiency.

The company was the first to introduce Euro5 diesel in Malaysia back in November 2014, which has a sulphur content of just 10 parts per million (ppm), compared to 500 ppm for current Euro 2M diesel. The lower sulphur content contributes to lower pollutant emissions, and represents a step towards improving the quality of our air.

If that isn’t enough, BHPetrol’s Infiniti Euro5 Diesel has been specially formulated with the latest German additives that remove both new (Keep Clean) and existing (Clean Up) deposits. What and why are these things important?

In modern diesel engines, extreme temperature pressures form hard-to-remove deposits, some of which can also appear inside fuel injector nozzle holes. The negative effects of these deposits include power loss as well as poor fuel economy.

According to an independent DW10 CEC F 98-08 lab test, modern diesel engines running on diesel without any additives experience a 6.2% power loss after about 25 hours of running time.

When the fuel is treated with the new additives at the minimum treat rate, power loss is reduced to about 1.6%. Meanwhile, at the maximum treat rate, deposits were completely removed and power was restored.

As Infiniti Euro5 diesel features additives at the maximum treat rate, you can expect full restoration of power, which exceeds OEM requirements of less than 2% power loss, along with better fuel economy and mileage.

BHPetrol diesel additive is a special Diesel Additive Formulation (DAF) containing various active elements, with the first being proprietary, highly reactive key ingredient which effectively acts like a detergent to clean out deposits from the engine.

Aside from clearing out deposits, DAF protects metallic parts such as fuel pipes and tanks from rust formation, and is an extremely effective corrosion inhibitor. It also contains foam inhibitor chemicals for easy diesel fill-ups. Both Infiniti Euro5 Diesel and Infiniti Euro 2M Diesel are formulated with the same additives.

Even so, is advisable to use Euro5 diesel in modern engines as the low sulphur content will ensure a cleaner engine resulting in reduced maintenance costs. Performance will also be maintained at the engine’s manufacturer’s standards and ultimately lengthen the engine’s life. For more information, head on over to BHPetrol’s office website, here.