It’s the end of the year, the season for shopping and great deals. Here’s Honda Malaysia attempting to lure carbuyers with its 17th Anniversary promotion, which offers a “year end bonus” plus “low instalment” or a straightforward “cash option”. The deals are valid in the month of December and are worth up to RM15,000.

That headline amount is for the only CBU imported car in the list, the Honda Odyssey. Elsewhere, B-segment buyers can opt for the Jazz (petrol or hybrid) with RM5,500 off, or the booted City (also with a hybrid option) with RM4,000 off. Incentives for the Civic and Accord are RM4,000 and RM9,000 respectively.

Looking for an SUV? The entry-level seven-seater BR-V comes with a RM5,500 rebate, while the HR-V and CR-V will both come with RM4,000 rebates. There’s also a year end giveaway contest where 100 Honda buyers will take home an iPad Pro or LED TV.