Here’s a number plate series you won’t want to miss out on, as Yayasan Modal Insan Harta (YMIH) has launched the new ‘GG’ plate series on February 1, 2018. If you’re looking for a unique number plate to go along with your new ride, there’s no shortage of options as GG 1-GG 9999 will be made available for bidding.

The ‘GG’ stands for ‘Great Generation’, and should entice those who believe their generation is the greatest of them all. Of course, gamers will have a different perspective on what ‘GG’ stands for, and there should be some appeal to them as well. It is also known that number plates featuring two of the same alphabets are highly valued, as they are pretty exclusive to say the least – i.e. ‘AA’, ‘BB’, ‘MM’, etc.

Tenders for the ‘Great Generation’ plate series are open now, and vehicle registrations will take place at JPJ Wangsa Maju once the certification is sent out. If you’re interested to get a ‘GG’ plate for yourself, tenders can be made at the dedicated ‘GG’ plate website, here.

Alternatively, you can contact the following WhatsApp numbers for more information:
010-216 1111
010-219 1111
010-372 1111