The Indonesian government is now on board the electric vehicle bandwagon, having received 10 electric vehicles from Mitsubishi Motors today. Comprising eight units of the Outlander PHEV, two units of the i-MiEV pure EV along with four battery charger units, the vehicles and equipment were supplied as part of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry’s development of EV infrastructure.

The Mitsubishi vehicles supplied will be part of studies modelling Indonesia’s existing transport infrastructure and how it will accommodate electric vehicles, according to the Japanese automaker. This is to study the use of electrified vehicles in varying environments including cities, tourist areas and remote islands, whilst tracking the energy management potential of EVs, with the Outlander PHEV as energy storage.

“We see Indonesia as one of the most promising markets in south-east Asia, with a young population eager to unlock the opportunities car ownership provides. These opportunities bring with them challenges, such as balancing the drive towards greater car ownership with the need to protect the environment,” said chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Motors Osamu Masuko. Mitsubishi has been trading in Indonesia since the the 1970s.

This follows the automaker’s announcement towards the end of last year that it will be working with the republic in its effort to encourage the development of EVs in order to reduce CO2 emissions. The earlier announcement also mentioned the participation of national universities and research insititutes.