The Porsche Macan is set to get a mild refresh for the upcoming model year, as these spyshots from a very cold Europe show. Two units of the Macan mules are sat next to the new Cayenne, but aren’t those just regular Macans?

Porsche’s usual test mule trick is to tape up details such as tail lamps and headlamps with stickers that resemble actual current items, which can look rather convincing from afar. Based on what they’re trying to hide, we’re expecting the baby Porsche SUV to look instantly recognisable as the Macan, but with revised front and rear ends.

Close ups of the headlamps show the new style of four-point LED daytime running lights, as seen on the new Cayenne and Panamera. Compared to the DRLs on the current Macan, the LEDs are larger and packed closer to the main beam, for a sharper look.

The strip of “lights” sitting above the air intakes here (present on the current car) are fake, but there are some real lights in the middle of the intakes (not on today’s car) – those are the indicators that we’ve seen light up before.

The bumpers at both ends should be re-profiled too, as there are black tape around them, camouflaged further by the black paint of the test mules. Will the Macan eventually get a similar rear light bridge as per the new Cayenne?

Word is that the Macan’s interior will a get a bit of a clean up – a larger screen and some relocation of elements won’t surprise us. There are also speculation that the reloaded Macan range will include a plug-in E-Hybrid variant and a Macan Turbo that offers more than today’s 440 hp/600 Nm. We’ll see.

GALLERY: Porsche Macan SportDesign in Malaysia