The Nissan GT-R is one of the world’s most iconic sports cars, and despite being first introduced in 2007, remains relevant among its rivals. Its predecessors, namely the several generations of the Skyline GT-R, are also performance icons in their own right.

Should you own any of these GT-R cars, you’re probably disappointed that you are unable to get a matching plate for your pride and joy, until now. That’s because Plat GTR Management (PGTRM) is offering you the chance to obtain that missing piece with the unique ‘GTR’ number plate series, which range from ‘GTR 1’ to ‘GTR 1000’.

The company is the exclusive agent for the plate series, and are fully endorsed by the Voice of Women Foundation (Yasnita), the issuers of the ‘GTR’ plate series. It is also important to note that these plates are not attached to any particular state in Malaysia, making them rather unique.

Tender prices for the plates start from RM1,000 for three-digit numbers, with more popular ones attracting a higher number. Minimum tender prices for special VIP plates include:

  • GTR 1 – RM200,000
  • GTR 9 – RM150,000
  • GTR 18 – RM25,000
  • GTR 36 – RM100,000
  • GTR 96 – RM20,000
  • GTR 126 – RM5,000
  • GTR 138 – RM10,000
  • GTR 666 – RM30,000
  • GTR 777 – RM20,000
  • GTR 888 – RM30,000

Once you’ve secured your preferred ‘GTR’ plate, PGTRM representatives will be able to recommend a runner so you can get your new plate on a preferred vehicle. As an authorised dealer, PGTRM also provides customers the assurance of secure deals, which is important in light of the numerous cases involving customers being cheated via online sales of number plates.

For owners of classic Skyline GT-R models like the R32, R33 or R34, maybe it’s time to adorn your vehicles with their appropriate plates – ‘GTR 32’, ‘GTR 33’ and ‘GTR 34’. Even if you don’t own a GT-R, these plates will certainly be highly desirable, and should be well worth an investment for the future.

For those who are interested, here’s all the key information you need: