Automotive engines generate heat. But too much heat can cause the engine to under-perform and its mechanical parts to wear. This is especially true in tropical countries like ours where it is even more important to protect engines from excessive heat.

Proper lubrication and regular oil change are important in reducing heat and friction. Worn parts that are caused by friction push the engine work harder, lessening fuel efficiency. In fact, wear on the engine is a known case for less efficient burning of fuel.

Using the right engine oil goes a long way in reducing the effects of too much heat and unwanted friction that keep your engine running in tip top condition. Petron’s Blaze Racing engine oil range, which has a proprietary formulation, provide engines with excellent protection against wear and tear and are formulated according to local weather and driving conditions.

Petron Blaze Racing engine oils have a unique additive technology called Thermal Stress Stabilizing System (TS3), which keeps the oil stable even at extreme temperatures, providing the engine suitable protection from engine stress. Designed to provide ultimate engine protection, the TS3 formulations feature top-notch viscosity control properties, which help keep the engine oil stable even in adverse conditions.

The TS3 formulation also helps engines resist oxidation by slowing down the formation of engine deposits. Deposit formation can lead to oil thickening, which reduces engine performance.

There’s a Blaze Racing oil for every application, from the basic Multigrade 20W-50 and Premium Multi-Grade 10W-30 and 15W-40 formulas right up to the Synthetic Blend 10W-40 and range-topping Fully Synthetic 5W-40, meant for high-performance sports cars and luxury vehicles.

Until February 28, every purchase of Petron Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic 5W-40 4L comes with a free Bluetooth speaker and the Petron Blaze Racing Synthetic Blend 10W-40 4L with a free set of wireless earphones.

Customers who purchase a 4L Petron Blaze Racing Premium Multi-Grade or a 7L Rev-X Premium Multi-Grade 15W-40, which is a diesel engine oil, will receive a free USB car charger. This promo is valid at selected Petron service stations and workshop outlets until the end of February, or while stocks last.