It’s nearing the Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays, which means it will soon be time to balik kampung to your loved ones. The yearly experience is a joyful one for many, which was why Cycle & Carriage Bintang decided to rekindle it with its Balik Kampung Like Never Before drive.

Held in partnership with Petronas, the drive whisked Mercedes-Benz owners and fans away on a whirlwind tour of Selangor, covering a distance of 120 km. The guests took the wheel of Mercedes-Benz vehicles to replicate the balik kampung experience, putting the latest Petronas Primax 95 with Pro-Drive to the test.

“Malaysia is a vibrant country where diversity is celebrated all year round. The common underlying theme of the various cultural festivities celebrated is travelling back home and celebrating with our loved ones; in other words, to balik kampung.”

“The Ramadan month and Hari Raya celebration carry the same theme, as we travel back to our hometowns in the spirit of togetherness. We are thrilled to be a part of today’s adventure as a trusted partner of Petronas to bring to you an exhilarating experience you will not forget,” said Cycle & Carriage CEO Wilfrid Foo.

The event, which kicked off at the Mercedes-Benz City Store at TREC, featured nine pitstops along the way, with participants even getting to play games that were popular when they were younger. These included Tapak Gajah (walking using coconuts as foot wear), Batu Seremban (playing with five stones) and Baling Selipar (bowling with slippers).

Participants at the event had plenty good to say about Petronas Primax 95 with Pro-Drive, remarking on the performance, smoothness and efficiency of their cars on the fuel. Watch the video above to learn their responses in full, and don’t forget to catch the next instalment where these drivers push the cars to the limit!