One of the leading Mercedes-Benz dealers in Malaysia, Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad, recently ignited a unique collaboration with Babel, a premier Malaysian health and wellness club, during the launch of Babel’s second outlet in Suria KLCC.

The synergy between Cycle & Carriage and Babel was one born out of the evolving desires of the modern consumer, to fill a much-needed niche in the market whereby customers have access to an all-encompassing facility that equally fulfills ‘Health’ and ‘Lifestyle’.

At the two-day opening event, Cycle & Carriage powered the club’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes, where 33,000 LED light bulbs lit up the ceiling of the HIIT Studio, amplifying energy levels in the atmosphere.

Through this collaboration, customers were primed to enjoy exclusive benefits across both establishments.

As a premier health and wellness establishment, Babel’s objective has always been to provide access to premium quality services and amenities to the average consumer, a practice that is echoed by Cycle & Carriage through its plethora of offerings ranging from brand new to quality pre-owned top class vehicles.

For more information on Babel, please visit the official website, here. Alternatively, you may visit its Facebook or Instagram page for other exciting updates and announcements.