A car battery is one of the most integral components in a vehicle, and because it’s hidden from sight, most times people don’t realise just how crucial it is until nothing happens when you turn the key. That is why having a reliable and long-lasting battery is important.

But, have you ever wondered how to make a choice and spend correctly on a long lasting car battery, one totally worth the money you paid for it? Well, Amaron has some simple advice on how to go about when shopping for a battery, highlighting a few easy ways to ensure how you can pick an ideal car battery.

Look at the warranty period: A long warranty is reassuring, and it also shows the confidence a company has in its products. Starting from this year, at the same 2016 retail price, Amaron is giving a free extension of its standard warranty from 12 months to 18 months, with additional discounted 18 months-warranty. You will enjoy a total of 36 months warranty coverage for an Amaron battery.

If your car battery is damaged within the first 18 months, Amaron will replace it with a new battery free-of-charge. If the battery is damaged in the next 19 to 36 months, Amaron will provide you with a discount on the purchase of a new Amaron battery. Amaron will then renew the warranty for your Amaron battery for another 36 months.

Take some time to find out about the tech that goes into a battery. Amaron says every Amaron GO battery is made with its patented Silven X silver alloy technology, which displays tremendous heat-resistance, making it highly suitable for the hot and humid Malaysian weather.

Look at the battery weight. Weight is a crucial factor. Amaron is pioneering in the industry by utilising material with the Silven X silver alloy technology to achieve higher performance and long lasting battery life. The company says that their battery has the perfect balance of weight and performance to match the OEM battery specification. For example, a 38B20L (NS-40ZL) OEM specification unit from the assembly plant will weigh more than 10 kg. Amaron products will be equivalent, or exceed, the specification set by world class car manufacturers.

Is the access to the warranty easy? It should be, and Amaron says its ‘Amaron36’ mobile app (available on both Apple App Store for ioS and GooglePlay for Android) allows 100% online registration and offers customers the convenience to check and obtain product warranty up to 36 months* without keeping paper printed receipts or warranty cards.

Wider coverage for an emergency battery change or claim should also be considered, and Amaron says that it has a wide network of authorised dealers and service centres across West Malaysia, should that need ever arise.

The company recently launched its official store on Lazada, as well as Shopee, making it easier to browse and purchase the perfect battery to suit your needs. With the Lazada 12.12 event and Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale coming up, be sure to check out the offers in the upcoming sale on both sites.

*Terms and conditions apply.
*Amaron 36 month warranty only applicable to the following batteries:

  • Amaron GO 38B20L
  • Amaron GO 46B24L
  • Amaron GO 46B24R
  • Amaron GO 46B24RS
  • Amaron GO 46B24LS
  • Amaron PRO DIN 55
  • Amaron PRO DIN 65
  • Amaron PRO DIN 66
  • Amaron PRO DIN 74
  • Amaron PRO DIN 80
  • Amaron PRO DIN 100