If you’ve been aspiring to own and drive a Lexus, then that step up to luxury is just three easy steps away with the Lexus Next Step, an innovative and affordable customisable financial plan curated by Lexus Capital Services. Through it, aspiring young adults will be able to realise their dream of owning their first Lexus vehicle in an affordable and seamless manner.

The Lexus Next Step plan offers the stylish and versatile UX through a highly-flexible finance plan. Spread out over a nine-year tenure, the financial plan offers plenty of freedom and scope, and is crafted into three distinct tiers, each running for three years.

This flexible structure allows customers to progressively increase their repayments in tandem with their increase in earnings, thus minimising their cash outflow and providing more space for liquidity.

Monthly repayments for the first three years are much lower than that in standard hire purchase loans. With prices starting from as low as RM1,938*, taking home the Lexus UX is made exceptionally affordable, especially for those who are currently poised for higher incomes.

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The low monthly repayment will also allow you to have ample balance in your bank account to splurge on dining, holidays or getting the latest gadgets. Increments begin at the start of the fourth year, but payments continue to be tailored to fit in with customers’ career advancement and progression, so you won’t feel the pinch when the time comes.

The final tier in the Next Step plan begins at the start of the seventh year, but customers can opt to to trade in their UX for a new Lexus model after the sixth year, or in line with increased earnings continue with added payment until the ninth year and keep the UX at the end of it.

Customers will have three variants of the UX to choose from, taking their pick from the Urban, Luxury and F Sport. Best of all, all UX models under the Lexus Next Step plan area covered by the company’s standard five-year unlimited mileage warranty.

If you’re keen to find out more about how you can not only own the car of your dreams but also benefit from having ample funds after repayments to indulge in many memorable experiences, visit any of the six authorised Lexus Centres nationwide to learn all about the Lexus Next Step financial plan.

* UX200 on-the-road price with sales tax exemption without insurance.