AD: Interstate travel is now back! Before you set off, insure your car with CarProtect via the Boost app

Finally! After what seems like an eternity – time is slow to pass when you’re bored, right? – interstate travel and domestic tourism is now possible again, with the recent lifting of restrictions by the government. Whether it’s balik kampung, the beach you’ve been dreaming of, or the cool highlands to escape the hot weather, we can now plan that road trip.

But before you set off, make sure that your car is in good running condition, especially if it has been dormant or used very lightly during the MCO. Give the old faithful a good service and ensure that everything is in tip-top condition. Even if you’re not going on a long drive yet, all businesses have reopened and you will be driving around more frequently, if you haven’t already been doing so – get your car in order.

Also, it’s important to ensure that your car has valid insurance and road tax. While the government has given a validity extension for expired road tax – the moratorium was to end on September 30, but has been extended to December 31 – the condition is that every car on the road must have valid insurance cover.

AD: Interstate travel is now back! Before you set off, insure your car with CarProtect via the Boost app

Purchasing auto insurance has long been perceived as a hassle, which is exactly the reason why a large number of motorists just hand it to their insurance agent to kautim it every year. But why do so when DIY is super easy and you can stand a chance to win a new Nissan Navara? Read on.

Easy to renew

But what if we told you that buying car insurance and road tax is as easy as a few taps of the smartphone in your pocket, and can be done in just five minutes? And you don’t even need to search, because you can purchase CarProtect auto insurance coverage via your Boost eWallet app. All you need to do is key in the details that can be found in your vehicle ownership certificate a.k.a. geran – no need to meet an agent.

CarProtect is designed to be easy to use and simple to understand. You start off with your basic coverage for the sum you want to be insured for (the market value of your car is suggested by the system), and the options are like building blocks on top of the base. It’s all customisable and you add on only what you need, nothing more.

Once you’re satisfied with the auto insurance “building” that you’ve set up, just pay using your Boost eWallet and be rewarded with Boost coins, which you can redeem for cash and rewards later. Speaking of rewards, you can earn RM100 cashback in your Boost Partner Wallet if you’re one of the first 5,000 customers. The next 6,000 customers to sign up via Boost will get RM50 cashback*.

Steps 1-3: Open Boost app and follow these simple steps and key in your car’s details

There’s really no better time to buy CarProtect on Boost now. In conjunction with the app’s fourth birthday this October, they’re giving away a brand new Nissan Navara pick-up truck as part of RM1.4 million worth of prizes via the Pick & Win campaign – all you need to do is spend using Boost, earn Boost coins and redeem entries for a chance to win. Renew insurance, stand a chance to win a new car – that’s a good deal, isn’t it? Here’s how you can insure your car with CarProtect:

Step 1 : Open Boost and head to “Do More” and select the “Insurance” button
Step 2 : Just fill in your vehicle details and follow the steps
Step 3 : You will receive your cashback within 14 days from JPJ approval

That’s it, just sit back and enjoy your cashback. Car insurance not expiring yet? The Boost app has a reminder function so set that alarm and you’ll never forget when it’s due.

Pay with Boost and shake for coins, plus stand a chance to win a new Nissan Navara!

Easy to get help

Now your purchase is complete, but your relationship with CarProtect has in fact just started. Insurance is all about protection, and with CarProtect – underwritten by Great Eastern General Insurance – protection is just a handphone tap away, literally.

The Emergency Button in your Boost app grants 24/7 access to roadside assistance, towing services, panel workshop list, claims directory, and paid services from Bateriku and Carput – basically, it’s a dashboard for all car related issues. With CarProtect, you’ll always have protection in your pocket with your personal “pit crew” on standby should there be any unforeseen issues or an accident. Now, that’s peace of mind.

Easy to find

A common feedback from the layman regarding auto insurance is about the product itself, and how it’s often complicated. CarProtect is designed to be easy to use and simple to understand. With all policy information accessible with a few swipes in Boost, say goodbye to digging through your drawers for the hard copy.

If you don’t have Boost on your phone, download the eWallet from the App Store for iOS or Google Play and the Huawei AppGallery for Android devices. A year of car insurance coverage with just a few taps on your phone via Boost; it really is that simple – check it out for yourself.

*Terms and conditions apply. Note that CarProtect is only for insurance renewal and not for new cars with no prior insurance history.