AD: Trapo launches next generation of its Classic, Eco and Hex car mats – now up to 10 times more durable

There are plenty of accessories that you can buy to improve your car, with device chargers, air filters, phone mounts and even portable dustbins being a few examples. However, there’s only one accessory that you will literally step on every day on your drive, and that’s a car’s floor mats.

Designed to protect a car’s floorboard from dirt, water and abrasion from contact with your shoes, car mats do a lot, but they will eventually get worn down and need to be replaced. If you’re looking for replacements that are a level above those typically offered by OEMs, Trapo’s new generation of EVA car mats are well worth considering.

As a leading brand in the vehicle accessories market, Trapo has been manufacturing and delivering custom-made car mats to satisfied customers for years. The lessons and feedback gained have led to the creation of new products, and the latest range launched recently boasts significant improvements.

The latest line-up consists of the Trapo Classic Mark III, Trapo Eco II and Trapo Hex II, each specially developed to meet the different needs of customers. All three continue to deliver on the core Trapo qualities – stylish, hygienic and anti-bacterial – but now feature a more sustainable production method as well as some design tweaks.

Trapo now uses recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (RPET) plastic for the lining of its car mats, with each set produced requiring a dozen 500 ml plastic bottles to be recycled. The new mats also get a new eyelet design made from durable EVA, with different sizes to ensure compatibility with a variety of vehicles.

Starting with the Trapo Classic III, the third generation of the brand’s mainstay, everyday car mat is now twice as durable compared to its predecessor and offers more customisation options. You can now choose from a new brown base colour in addition to the existing grey and black, while there are now six colours for the lining, with brown and green joining the current red, blue, grey and black. A more subtle revision is the wording depth on the foot padding, which has been reduced to 2 mm from 3 mm for a more discreet look.

For the budget-conscious, there’s the Trapo Eco II that features a dual-layer construction and continues to be made entirely out of recycled material. Just like the Trapo Classic Mark III, the wording depth is 2 mm, and the customisation options now include two lining colours, with brown joining the existing black; the base remains black as before.

A new feature available with the Eco II is the Eco Duo foot pad, which is an optional add-on that can be had in a variety of colours, and is designed to provide users with the flexibility to relocate the padding to better suit their seating position.

Those that want the best premium offering available can look to the Trapo Hex II, which has been engineered to provide 10 times better durability than the first Hex thanks to tougher materials that result in a car mat with increased hardness.

In addition to the enhanced robustness, the Hex II also gains a revamped plate finished in black that is more eco-friendly, as it is made from a combination of 50% polypropylene plastic (PP) and 50% rice husks. Trapo’s deliberate use of sustainable materials in its car mats is in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, specifically goal number 12 for responsible consumption and production.

Regardless of the Trapo car mat that catches your eye, rest assured that each one features anti-bacterial technology from Japan that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria found on a car mat with a simple rinse, while a special deodorising mechanism also ensures no unpleasant smells linger beneath your feet.

The unique textured surface of Trapo car mats is also easy to clean and serves to effectively trap mud and dirt, which are common things that we bring into our cars on our shoes. Not only that, the material used is waterproof and the surface can dry itself within 15 minutes to ensure your car’s floorboards aren’t affected.

With over 1,000 car models catered to, every Trapo car mat set is designed and produced to perfectly fit in your car with zero hassle when installing. Additionally, anti-slip features also prevent slippage, ensuring the car mat stays put, with Trapo Fix being the top-of-the-line solution that is available with the Hex II.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your car mats to something better than stock, Trapo has got you covered with its next-generation range of car mats that are customisable to your liking. Find out more by heading over to Trapo’s official website, where you can also inquire further or place an order.