If you’re driving less these days or own more than one car, here’s how you can save even more money beyond already spending less on fuel and running cost. Pay less for your car insurance, based on how much you drive.

That’s right. If you’re spending less time behind the wheel because of the pandemic or from working from home, Tune Protect’s Motor Easy can help you save more by lowering the premium you pay on car insurance. It does this by incorporating a Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) feature, which allows you to get up to a 20% refund of your insurance premium. This is on top of a 10% discount when you purchase Motor Easy online.

There are two tiers to the PAYD feature – if your total annual mileage is under 6,000 km, you’ll get a 20% refund on your premium. If your total mileage over a year is 6,001 to 8,000 km, you save 15% on your premium.

Establishing mileage is a simple process. All you need to to is download the Tune Protect app and submit your odometer reading three times during your one-year policy period, much easier than plans which require you to submit readings every month. The refund will be banked into your account after the policy expires, and you have no obligation to renew.

If you end up driving your car and exceed the mileage tiers, you won’t be entitled to the refund, but there’s no impact to your policy cover (i.e. the policy coverage continues as usual). Also, if you have to make a claim, it will not impact your refund entitlement.

Best of all, the PAYD benefit is free, incorporated into Tune Protect Motor Easy, which offers all the protection of comprehensive coverage for accidents, theft, fire, and 3rd party liabilities such as death/bodily injury caused to another person and loss/damage of someone else’s property. You can of course add on coverage for additional drivers, windscreen damage, Special Perils, cash allowance and more.

Tune Protect Motor Easy also offers 24/7 Emergency Assistance, which provides the benefits of 24-hour emergency services. Additionally, the plan also provides free 200 km towing service as well as access to more than 300 panel workshops nationwide for faster repairs and claims processing.

Find out more about Tune Protect Motor Easy’s coverage and how PAYD works. If you’re ready to save money on your motor insurance, get a Motor Easy quotation here.