With plenty of convenient features, TREVO is a great way for vehicle owners to earn some money, providing a hassle-free way to share your car with someone else while keeping both host and guest safe. But even with all safeguards in place, nothing can prevent the unthinkable from happening on the road.

This is where TREVO Shield comes in. Underwritten by the Allianz General Insurance Company, TREVO Shield is comprised of the core Peer-to-Peer insurance add-on that is made available through Allianz.

Because TREVO is a peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace that enables car owners to hire out their vehicles as hosts, TREVO Shield is on hand to safeguard the hosts should the untoward happen.

TREVO Shield offers coverage that includes exterior dents and damages sustained on the vehicle driven by guests, such as to the vehicle’s body, bumpers and paintwork, along with offering towing and roadside assistance for up to RM200 in costs for towing to Allianz-approved workshops.

In addition, TREVO Shield also offers excess relief in the event of damage to your vehicle that you have been responsible for during a trip in service with TREVO, until such time you are eligible for reimbursement.

There are three coverage plans offered under TREVO Shield – Basic/Lite, Standard and Premium. Starting with the Basic/Lite plan, the TREVO take percentage is 25% – which means you, the host will earn 75% of the booking fare – while the maximum excess or deductible is RM1,500.

On the next rung up, the Standard plan sees a TREVO take percentage of 35% (65% to the host), while the maximum excess or deductible is capped at RM400.

Top of the list is the Premium plan, where the TREVO take is 40%, therefore 60% of the booking fare goes to the host. Here, while the Premium plan sees the largest proportion of the fare go to TREVO, this is also the most comprehensive protection plan on offer from the TREVO Shield menu.

There is no excess incurred, meaning that TREVO pays for 100% of the eligible damage sustained with no minimum excess amount deducted from the payout, and as a Premium plan subscriber, you’ll also receive protection for your no-claims discount, or NCD.

On top of this, the Premium plan also offers the additional benefit of a loss-of-hosting-income protection for up to RM960 annually, which is derived from a rate of up to RM120 a day for a maximum of eight days.

All this adds up to a valuable tool in the peer-to-peer vehicle hosting community, where as a host, TREVO Shield offers your vehicle, as well as your ability to gain income from it, a safeguard from the eventualities of life on the road. Find out more about TREVO Shield here, and hear from TREVO hosts about its benefits.