In Malaysia, peer-to-peer car sharing marketplaces such as TREVO are still relatively new, with many of us still a little unclear of its benefits.

What exactly is peer-to-peer car sharing? How do TREVO’s services elevate user experiences? The simple explanation is that TREVO is a marketplace platform that connects people who need cars (guests) to people who have cars that they don’t use all the time (hosts). It’s similar to Airbnb, but for car owners and renters.

TREVO allows all car owners to list their vehicles for rent to drivers in need of a car for a variety of reasons – examples include road trips with friends and family, a temporary replacement for their current car, lifestyle needs such as wedding photoshoots and ceremonies, fun moments like dating, and more.

Guests can rent cars from hosts via the TREVO app for a minimum booking duration of 24 hours. You can search and book around the clock; just make sure to allow a 24-hour buffer, as hosts are allocated 24 hours to accept or decline a booking.

Elevating Host and Guest lifestyles

For those of us who are car owners, we know that sunk costs like loan repayments, maintenance fees, taxes, and even parking are unavoidable, so having the choice of getting our cars to earn their keep is an enticing net gain for potential hosts. For guests, the option of choosing from a wide variety of cars from private car owners enables us to enjoy a richer selection of vehicles. From sedans to MPVs, there are endless models available on TREVO.

Book any car that suits your transportation needs – it could even be an alternative to your own vehicle. If you have a small hatchback and want to go for a long and comfortable road trip in a sedan, why not use TREVO to find a roomier car to make your journey more pleasant? Besides, cars on TREVO are often cleaner and better maintained than fleet-based car rental car services.

Round-the-clock Protection and Service

Worried about hiccups when liaising with a host or guests? TREVO’s round-the-clock customer support team is ready to help whenever you need assistance. We also know time is precious for every host and guest, so we’re offering a custodian service to ensure that every vehicle is delivered on time and picked up from the guest once the booking duration ends. Besides, our custodian team will ensure that all cars are in good working order before being turned over to guests or returned to hosts.

More than that, we also understand that hosts are concerned about the safety of their cars while guests want to be protected while driving someone else’s car. To address this, TREVO has worked with our insurance partner to develop TREVO Shield, Malaysia’s first peer-to-peer car insurance plan for car owners who rent out their cars on TREVO.

With TREVO Shield, hosts are protected if their car is damaged when used by guests and also if the Guest causes damage or injury to others while using the car. You also get Towing and Roadside Assistance, covering up to RM200 in towing costs to workshops in the network of Allianz, our insurance partner. With this extra protection, you can focus on earning income from renting out your car, and leave the worry to our team.

Despite being relatively new, peer-to-peer car rental in Malaysia has generated interest among those who learn how it works. For TREVO, we want to share the potential of this model with everyone in the country, with the aim of growing a car-sharing community that connects people to interesting driving experiences and moments.

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