The Mercedes-Benz C-Class has always been a stalwart in the automaker’s model line-up, mixing the right blend of sophistication, comfort and elegance in a compact, handsome package. No wonder that it’s the company’s best-selling model in Malaysia.

If you’re keen to experience the new W206 C-Class to know why it’s so highly regarded, there’s no better time than now to own one. Through Agility Financing, you’ll be able to drive home a C 200 Avantgarde CKD from just RM3,688 a month* over a two-year tenure, or a C 300 AMG Line CKD for RM4,188 a month* over a similar loan period.

That’s significantly cheaper than a normal bank loan instalment per month, more so with a shorter loan tenure. The great thing about Agility Financing is that you don’t need to take a longer financing tenure for an affordable monthly installment, with difference in monthly instalments between a 24-month and 60-month loan being marginal.

Going with such a plan not only frees up your income for other things, but allows you greater flexibility of choice – with very little difference in the cost of monthly instalments from a longer tenure Agility Financing programme, a one- to two-year Agility scheme offers you the freedom to change your vehicle at shorter intervals, allowing you to switch to a newer model should you wish to do so.

Additionally, opting for a shorter tenure Agility plan also means better trade-in value, where customers are more likely to get a higher price when trading in the car due to its relatively young age. That’s not all. There’s also the assurance of a Guaranteed Future Value, in which your car’s value will remain the exact same as what’s agreed at the very beginning, not a single sen less.

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Each Agility Financing scheme also comes with MobilityPlus. Provided at no extra cost, this guarantees a replacement car should your Mercedes-Benz need to be in an authorised workshop for 48 hours or more due to service and maintenance, warranty claims or accident repairs.

Customers will be provided with a Mercedes-Benz car as a temporary replacement while their vehicle is in the service centre. A replacement vehicle – which is guaranteed instead of being subject to availability, in the case of external financing schemes – will be made available to eligible customers within 24 hours of notification by the authorized Mercedes-Benz service centre on behalf of the customer.

MobilityPlus offers a 20-day per year entitlement period for a replacement car at no extra cost to the customer, and for added convenience, customers will be able to select their preferred pick-up and drop off points when the service – which is available nationwide, including in Langkawi and Labuan – is required.

Agility Financing is just one of the many financing packages offered by Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM), which finances four out of every 10 new Mercedes-Benz cars sold through authorised dealers. Keen on the exceptional deal? Be quick about it if you want a C-Class, as the offer ends on October 31, 2022! Register your interest here or head over to your nearest Mercedes-Benz Autohaus.

*Terms and conditions apply.