Protect yourself from unexpected car tyre damage bills with the Mercedes-Benz Road Hazard Warranty [AD]

Have you noticed the rising trend of car tyre prices? Tyres are not spared from inflation; and as alloy wheels get bigger to suit modern car designs, larger vehicles and consumer demand, motorists are paying more for tyres than ever before.

In Malaysia, we love our large wheels, which gives cars the best looking stance. Remember the era when 17-inch alloys were considered large? Today, a regular executive saloon range starts with 18-inch alloys, and we’re not even talking about performance models and the rise of SUVs. Big wheels are typically paired to low profile, high performance tyres, and UHP tyres don’t come cheap.

You’d think that with our love for big wheels and low profile tyres, Malaysia’s roads would be nice and smooth to match, but the reality is nothing like that. In contrast, the Klang Valley is heavily populated with ongoing building and transportation infrastructure projects, and the constant construction takes its toll on the roads.

Throw in weather that fluctuates between hot and (very) wet, and you’ll get Malaysia’s roads, where potholes can appear overnight, on stretches that have just been patched. And with construction comes debris – sharp items that are tyres’ worst enemy. You’ll never truly know what lies ahead, even on roads you know well.

As such, our tyres live on the edge and are often just millimetres away from damage. One slow reaction or oversight and you could be staring at a costly tyre replacement. We’ve all been there before despite trying our best to avoid the booby traps.

Enter Mercedes-Benz Road Hazard Warranty, a warranty designed specifically for the concerns mentioned above. Mercedes-Benz Road Hazard Warranty is available with four original Mercedes Original (MO) tyre brands – Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone and Hankook – and covers various types of tyre damage. Punctures, sidewall bulges from pothole hits, cuts and general tyre damage – all are covered.

The warranty is for 12 months or 16,000 km, whichever comes first. You will be reimbursed according to the age of the tyre – for instance, if you suffer tyre damage up to three months (or 4,000 km) from the date of purchase, you will be reimbursed 100%, meaning 0% payment for a replacement. If the damage occurs from month 10 to 12 (12,001 to 16,000 km), you will be reimbursed 50%.

MO tyres are the ideal match for your Mercedes-Benz, as they are specifically designed for an exact fit and work seamlessly with Mercedes-Benz safety systems, offering optimum safety, mobility, comfort and longevity. Mercedes Original tyres have an ‘MO’ mark stamped on the sidewall. More info on MO tyres here.

This protection from the unexpected is complimentary and starts from as low as the purchase of two MO tyres from your official Mercedes-Benz authorised dealership. Coverage is free with the purchase of MO tyres – all you need to do is register your warranty online.

Tyres are the only things connecting our car to the road, so drive with confidence and peace of mind with Mercedes-Benz Road Hazard Warranty. To make an appointment for purchase, or for more info, click here.