Preserve and elevate your car’s interior with Dodo Mat – Malaysia’s 1st dual-layer car mat; 3-yr warranty [AD]

The interior of your car is your own mobile refuge from the outside world, and just like your home, keeping it clean is not just great for the experience of being inside but also to maintain good hygiene.

While things like the steering wheel and gear lever are easy to clean, it’s more of an effort to preserve your car’s carpet. As such, automakers install car mats to protect the carpet, although these typically have a very simplistic single-layer design that limits their effectiveness.

Identifying the shortcomings of traditional car mats, Dodo Mat developed and produced Malaysia’s first dual-layer car mat that is specially designed to trap dirt and moisture. This ensures your car’s interior appears in tip-top condition by keeping dirt unseen as well as maintaining a clean odour. Additionally, the dual-layer design of Dodo car mats makes cleaning nearly effortless.

Using advanced technology to measure a car’s interior, each set of car mats is made to ensure a perfect fit every time. As a value-added benefit, you can even customise your car mat to suit your personal taste and each set is accompanied by a three-year warranty as well as a 10-day one-to-one exchange should the car mats not fit.

With carefully selected materials used in their construction, Dodo Mat products have already been awarded SIRIM QAS International certification for quality and odour tests. Further validation comes from the Asia Automotive Award for outstanding achievement in the car accessories industry, which Dodo Mat received in 2019, just two years after its foundation. The company is also a finalist in the Asia eCommerce Awards 2022 in two categories.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding as they say, and with over 5,000 five-star ratings from local and overseas consumers, Dodo Mat more than guarantees customer satisfaction with its car mats. Dodo car mats are available for a wide range of vehicle makes and models, both local and foreign, and you can easily find them for your car at Dodo Mat’s official website. You can also check out Dodo Mat’s Facebook and Instagram pages to find out more.