When the name Recaro is seen or heard, often the first to come to mind are seats for high-performance and luxury vehicles, including for those in the tuner and customisation circles. Possibly less well-known is the fact that Recaro also makes products for children, such as child car seats and strollers.

The German premium brand is a safety seating specialist with more than 110 years of experience in this field, bringing ingenious design to make products at the highest safety standards with outstanding quality, benefiting a user base that includes not just the children who will be seated in these child seat products, but also facilitating the user process for the parents ensuring a safe ride for their children.

Among the most sought-after products from the brand’s range is the Recaro Namito, a child car seat that is able to grow with the child using it. Suited for children aged from newborn to 12 years, or up to a weight of 36 kg, the Recaro Namito features the patented Hero Safety System that enables the quick and simple securing of a child in the seat.

The Hero Safety System is comprised of shoulder pads, shoulder straps and a headrest which are combined into a single unit, this way stopping the likelihood of slipping and twisting of the seat’s harness.

Features present on the Recaro Namito include Advanced Side Protection (ASP), where integrated protectors combine with the seat structure to reduce the forces that would act upon the child in the event of a collision. This seat also gets an additional anti-collision sponge on the side with the top tether when used in the rear-facing position, in order to reduce the severity of impact between the Namito child seat and the vehicle’s front passenger seat.

Child car seats are only as safe as the parents’ or caretakers’ willingness to use them properly, and so Recaro has designed ease of use into the Namito, which features one-handed operability for recline adjustment and 360-degree rotation.

The entire child seat can be rotated through 360 degrees with a single-handed grip for the safe and ergonomic seating and removing of your child, into and out of the Namito child car seat.

Similarly, one-handed adjustment is possible for recline angle, forwards and rearwards across four positions, and this can be done whether the child is strapped in with the integrated harness system (for child heights 40-105 cm) or with the vehicle’s seat belt (for child heights 100-125 cm).

The Recaro Namito, as part of the Recaro Kids product line, is available in a choice of two fabric types; the Select range is characterised by robust fabrics and bright colours, while the Prime range offer a softer, pleasant feel with a more subdued, luxurious look. Four colours are available for the Recaro Namito – Prime Mat Black, Prime Frozen Blue, Select Garnet Red, and Select Teal Green.

Safety, quality and convenience through ingenious design are the hallmarks of the Recaro Namito, which are just the qualities you will want when securing the most precious cargo to go into your vehicle – your child. Find out more about the Recaro Namito, here, and you can locate a Recaro product outlet by clicking here.