MySOMPO is with you all the way – new app features 24h assistance, live updates, online claims submission

When an unexpected or unfortunate incident happens on the road, all we want is for someone to be there. To assure and to assist. With the new MySOMPO mobile app, that ‘someone’ is with you on every drive. Whether it’s providing 24-hour emergency roadside assistance or towing in the event of an accident or breakdown, or the post-accident claims process, MySOMPO makes it easy.

Most people who have been in a road accident can tell you that dealing with the aftermath is not a straightforward affair. Tow trucks can appear out of nowhere like hawks, pressuring you to use their services. Sometimes, there’s more than one of them. It can be difficult for a dazed and confused post-accident driver to decline, more so when he or she doesn’t know what to do.

With MySOMPO, Berjaya Sompo insurance customers have access to 24-hour roadside assistance and towing services, all from just a few taps of the phone. Enter your vehicle information and location and you can then expect a call from RAKAN AUTO within just a few minutes. With real-time status updates, you’ll know exactly when help is coming, reducing stress and anxiety.

MySOMPO is with you all the way – new app features 24h assistance, live updates, online claims submission

The app also allows you to search for nearby panel workshops; going to an approved panel workshop will ensure that you avoid scammers and have a smooth and expedited claims process. There are many independent tow truck operators who work hand-in-hand with workshops, and once they have possession of your car, it may be difficult to U-turn.

The assistance from MySOMPO doesn’t end after the accident, as the app allows for online claims submission and the tracking of claim status, providing ultimate convenience to Berjaya Sompo insurance customers. More features will be added in stages to keep customers informed with the latest news of Berjaya Sompo. Download MySOMPO from Google Play or the Apple App Store today for extra assurance and convenience – more details here.